Ryanair flights are no-frills and dirt-cheap. Which makes the amazing destinations even harder to pass up.  


In Situation

Social Videos

:15 second posts for Instagram.

Subscription Model

Because traveling abroad is especially desirable for college students, Ryanair will offer a subscription service that grants them unlimited value-priced flights.

With flexible cancellations, the SkyPass would be perfect for summers and longer breaks.

App Itineraries

Using the Ryanair app, customers can plan their trips in advance and filter activities based on their budget.

There's also offline functionality, so they actually have something to do on the entertainment-less flight.



Ads on Pinterest will link to budget travel guides on Ryanair's website.


Country-specific collectible pins found at each corresponding Ryanair hub. 

And eye masks to help keep your mind on the destination.

Made with Sara Smokrovich (AD)