Moxie is a beloved soft drink from Maine that tastes “oddly medicinal.” Which makes sense, considering it was originally a failed wonder drug. But, hey, it almost got there. 


Posters highlighting the medical shortcomings of Moxie. 

Digital Video

An almost-medicine needs an almost-pharmaceutical spot.


Moxie will deploy their own “ambulance” to deliver sugary sodas to blood drives.

Moxie + Vicks

In a partnership with Vicks, Moxie will have their own flavor of VapoRub. 

Twitter - Almost Doctors

Moxie’s resident almost-doctor will be taking over their Twitter account to (poorly) answer any and all medical questions. 

Twitter – Moxie vs. Dr Pepper

There’s only room for one questionably medicinal beverage on the internet.

Made with Madeline Guzzo (AD)