Letterboxd is a social network where film lovers can log, review, discuss, and discover movies, and follow people who do the same. You don’t watch movies here. You share all of the joys that come with watching them.

Made at VCU Brandcenter with
Adam DuBrueler (AD)



Placed in film-related magazines such as Variety or Entertainment Weekly. 


:15 pre-rolls to play in front of theater screenings and on streaming sites.

Bathroom (The Shining)

Phone (Parasite)

Bad Reviews (Mean Girls)

In-Theater  Takeover

Placements in theaters will encourage both casual and serious film-goers to sign up while the movie is top of mind.

Popcorn buckets and drink cups with QR codes to download the app.

And by adding a feature that allows users to tag the location where they watched a film, theaters can showcase reviews and ratings from local users.

Browser  Extension

A Safari or Chrome extension that detects when websites mention a film, prompting you to add it to your Letterboxd watchlist.

Tinder  Integration

Just like Tinder users can link their Spotify accounts to share their top artists on their profile, they can now link their Letterboxd account to display their top movies.