National Geographic

National Geographic started as a magazine and has become so much more. But no matter what form it takes, it will always be a champion for curiosity. 


To celebrate the people at the heart of National Geographic.

Interactive OOH

Our print ads will also be placed in public places as interactive installations.

Those who align the iconic yellow border and scan it in the Nat Geo app will be awarded a subscription to the digital magazine.


Wild Animals

Child Laborer


Instagram Carousel

Social posts showing where curiosity can take you.


Pop-up exhibits inspired by the cities in which they're located, with thought-provoking questions drawing visitors in.

Washington, D.C.

Quarterly  Subscription  Model

With print subscriptions in the decline, Nat Geo would shift to a quarterly model, offering four hardbound collections per year.

Subscribers would also recieve a bumper stick to show off their curiosity.

Made with Brittany Reid (AD), Hamza Ali (AD), and Nana Dadzie (ST)